Dream Your Perfect Pool

The only limitation is your imagination.

Sundance Pools create stunning outdoor spaces

Sundance Pools create stunning outdoor spaces with the focal point being the pool of your dreams. Not sure which pool style is right for you? Let us help you understand the different pool design features and benefits so you can make the right choice for your family. 

When considering the type of pool that best fits your needs, consider the following things

Take your time looking at the pool designs and additional  options like spas, firepits, hardscaping and water features below, head over to the gallery page for even more possibilities, and if you’re curious about the pool building process we’ve got it all laid out so you know exactly what our timelines look like and what we can do for you.  

We can’t wait to see what you decide. Sundance Pools is ready to give you the pool you’ve always wanted.

Free Form Pools

Pool Types

Free Form Pools

Not everything fits into a nice little box. If you’re a homeowner that loves the natural flow of the outdoors and wants to enhance the space and shape of your backyard then a free form pool might be for you.

Free Form pools are irregularly shaped. They have curves instead of corners and flowing sight lines that mimic what you might find in nature. They are what put the word “custom” in custom designs. There are limitless possibilities for what your pool can look like and we will help you design the perfect pool that prioritizes what you and your family want.  

Free form pools add dimension and depth to the organic features in your backyard space and are both functional and beautiful. The rounded edges offer centralized space for your family to swim and splash around while the flowing curved design makes additions such as grottos, slides, tanning ledges, and beach entries the perfect enhancements for relaxation.

Pool Types

Geometric Pools

If you like sleek lines and a modern feel you might be looking for a geometric pool. 

One misconception homeowners have about geometric pools is that they are just rectangles. While geometric pools do maintain straight lines and geometric shapes there are many options a homeowner can choose if they want to soften the look with curved and rounded benches or enhance the beauty of the straight lines with infinity edges and tanning shelves. 

Geometric pools are the best option if you’re looking for the most swimming space in any size of yard. We can vary the length and width to fit almost any location and if you love swimming laps then the geometric pool is the choice for you.

Geometric Pools


Pool Types

Spools — Your Combination Pool and Spa

A spool — also known as a small pool or a spa and pool — was originally designed as a solution for families with small yards that still wanted the benefits of a pool. Now, spools are popular for any size yard and any size family that wants more than a hot tub, but not the commitment of a larger inground pool.

Spools can be any size, but they are typically between 10-16 feet long and 6-8 feet wide. Your spool design can include a spa with powerful jets for relaxation and heat for the cooler winter months, or a lap spool that features a pump that creates a current to swim against and supports your exercise goals.  If you’re looking for something specific for entertaining you can even have a bar spool with swim-up seating and counters for parties year-round!

Water Features

Water features are aesthetically pleasing and a sensory experience that creates a relaxing and calm environment and buffers outside noises. They add dimension and movement to your outdoor space and are the perfect addition to any pool design.  

Unsure of what types of water features will fit best? Don’t worry! Our design team is ready to show you all the best options for the type and size of pool that you decide on. Some favorites of Sundance Pools clients include:

Pool with natural rock waterfall

Fire Pits

Your new pool is a gathering place for friends and family. Imagine adding a complementary space where great conversations and memories continue around a fire pit.

A fire pit anchors and enhances your backyard space and is fully customizable to your preferences.

With so many different options it’s easy to imagine the perfect fire pit to complete your backyard gathering space.

night time view of pool with tiles and night lights


Want to add privacy, expand the living and play area around your pool, and connect your indoor space to your backyard oasis? Hardscaping includes all the walkways, patios, and extended living areas you might want to add to your backyard. 

When designing your dream pool we can include them in the design so that when your pool is built you have all the finished space to lounge, entertain and gather with friends and family.

Hardscaping designs can include many different materials including concrete, natural stone, rock pavers, loose stone, brick, tile, and more. It all depends on the look and feel that you want in the space you are creating

When we plan out your dream pool let’s talk about the hardscaping aesthetics that will increase the functionality, safety, privacy, and beauty of your poolscape.

Spas and Hot Tubs

Therapeutic benefits are only one reason to have a hot tub or spa either included in your pool build or as a stand-alone option. Hot tubs bring an aesthetic appeal to your pool space and increase the value of your backyard retreat. 

When deciding on the addition of a hot tub we make sure to discuss the design, shape, size, height, spillway options, jets, benches, and so much more. Just like your pool build, this is an opportunity to imagine the perfect place to relax and let us give you exactly what you want.

When building the spa with your pool build we can easily match all colors, stones, and tiles to your new pool and incorporate what you want into the design.

If you are looking to add a hot tub or spa to your existing pool, give us a call or send us a message! There are some additional questions we will want to ask to be sure that we can give you exactly what you want.

freeform pool with natural rock waterfall, bubbling spa,
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